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The artistic way to drink your drink. Whether it’s a logo for a private event, consistent branding for every service, a signature topping for your coffee offerings, or a sponsorship logo at a sport’s event; PHOAM is an easy way to make your drinks memorable and easily brandable for social media and marketing.

The PHOAM service comes with:

  • Signature PHOAM topping
  • Printing Supplies for Photos
  • Necessary Materials To Execute
  • Full Training Services

The Liquor Laundry - PHOAM


The new way to sip. Molecular Drops are one of a kind experience where anything liquid can be turned into a perfect sip in a bite. Champagne toasts, cocktails, after dinner coffee treats, desserts, aperitifs, palate cleansers, tasting enhancers or mocktails; molecular drops are a fantastic way to enhance your menus or establishment services.

The Molecular Drop service comes with:

  • Delivered Molecular Drops in choices of flavors
  • In House Consultation and Consistent Customer Service
  • In House Training Optional

The Liquor Laundry - Molecular